Core Values

Why CoreBionics

The first thing people ask us is what makes your product better than others?  Well, that’s a great question…and you’re not alone. Luckily you can benefit from the research our team has already done and you’ll quickly learn that not all CBD is created equal.

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Our Process

Want to learn more about the process we use to create our CBD products?  Click here and we’ll take you from planting the seed to the finished product.  Our super critical CO2 extraction method is what ensures our product delivers the highest quality product available.

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Man in Lab

3rd Party Lab Reports

How do you make sure the product you are buying contains actual CBD?  Other than trusting what companies put on the label, you should make sure there are 3rd Party lab reports available to validate the quality of the product.  CoreBionics provides these reports for each product we sell.

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Ang Balancing

Our Story

We’ve been using CBD products for quite a while now and after learning about the health benefits and differences between what companies are offering in the market, we started CoreBionics. Our goal is to educate consumers and provide the highest quality products available.

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